STEMpalooza Competition

Rescheduled for May 22nd and 23rd at the Glazer Children's Museum

• Each event team will consist of four students.
• The team can be a mix of both 4th and/or 5th graders.
• Each school is able to send one team per challenge.
• One team may compete in more than one challenge over the two days. (Maximum of four events per school)
• For Example: 

  • School A may have one team that competes in Tivitz on Tuesday then the same team competes in the Design Challenge and Sumobotics on Wednesday.
  • School B may have four teams, one in Tivitz, one in Design, one in EV3/NXT, and one in Crack the Code, all on the same day.

• Click on the links below for specific rules and details for each challenge.
• Registration for each event can also be found by clicking on the even links below.

Baseball TIVITZ

Team members will play individually against other students. The team
with the highest combined team
score based on the maximum score, will win!


Teams will be given a request for
proposal and materials needed. In a set amount of time, they will be required to design and create a
product to meet the specifications of the proposal.

Crack the Code

In a specified amount of time,
teams will have the opportunity to solve problems, open locks, and crack codes to find a prize.

NXT/EV3 SumoBot

Teams bring one NXT/EV3 robot to
challenge. Robots will compete
against each other to push the
other robot out of a circle.