STEMpalooza Competition

December 18th and 19th, 2019 at the Glazer Children's Museum

• Each challenge team will consist of four students.

• "Intermediate" teams can be a mix of both 4th and/or 5th graders.

• "Primary" teams vary by challenge, check each event's page for specifics.

• Each school is able to send one team per challenge.

• One team may compete in more than one challenge over the two days. (Maximum of 1 team per event from each school)

• For Example: 

  • School A may have one team that competes in Crack the Code on Tuesday then the same team competes in the Design Challenge and Sumobots on Wednesday.
  • School B may have four teams, one in Maze Challenge, one in Design, one in Sumobot, and one in Crack the Code, all on the same day.

• Click on the links below for specific rules and details for each challenge and to register for the event. (Registration ends on Friday Dec. 6th)

• Click here for the STEMpalooza event and payment verification form.

Robot Maze/Obstacle

Intermediate teams will be shown a maze created on a mat, primary teams will be shown a set of obstacles.  They will have a given amount of time to program their robot to complete the task(s).  Primary teams use Botley (or equivalent) robots, Intermediate teams use NXT or EV3.


Teams will be given a request for proposal and materials needed.  In a set amount of time, they will be required to design and create a product to meet the specifications of the proposal.  Separate competitions for Primary and Intermediate teams.

Crack the Code

In a specified amount of time, teams will have the opportunity to solve problems, open locks, and crack codes to find a prize.  Separate competitions for Primary and Intermediate teams.

NXT/EV3 SumoBot

Intermediate teams build and program a “Sumo Robot” using NXT or EV3 materials and bring the robot to the competition.  SumoBots compete in a double-elimination tournament to crown a champion.

Complete STEMpalooza schedule: